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Barry Jean Ancelet Collection

Barry Ancelet and Martin Latiolas 1977, photo by Ginette Vachon                          

Fieldwork of American author, folklorist and researcher who taught at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The collection includes traditional French folksongs, Afro-Creole and Europoean folktales, Cajun music, Creole music, Zydeco music, Mardi Gras photos and songs, oral histories, photographs, and jokes. Tapes include performances and interviews by Dewey Balfa, Varise Connor, Lionel Leleux, Ben Guine, Dennis McGee, Lulu Landry, and many others.

Collection samples:

Bonjour Hélène
French Folksong
Inez Catalon
Recorded in 1975
Accession number: AN1-072

Lionel Leleux, photo by Barry Ancelet

Bascom Mouton Waltz and conversation about Bascom and how Lionel started building violins
Lionel Leleux
Recorded in 1975
Accession number: AN1-030

Freeman Fontenot
Recorded in 1977
Accession number: AN1-057 

Hibou et oiseau dans l'arbe
Bernice Wiltz
Recorded in 1977
Accession number: AN1-062 

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