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CLS Fellows

CLS Fellows ensure the Center for Louisiana Studies’ commitment to research, preservation, and promotion of Louisiana’s rich history, cultures, and peoples.

In 2013, the following scholar was named to serve a five-year term:

In 2014, the following scholars were named to serve a five-year term:

Joining their colleagues is the 2015-2020 roster of CLS Fellows:

In 2017 the Center named the following to serve through 2022:

  • Dr. Mark DeWitt, Dr. Tommy Comeaux Endowed Chair in Traditional Music, School of Music and Performing Arts, UL Lafayette
  • Dr. Liz Skilton, J.J. Burdin M.D. and Helen B. Burdin/BORSF Endowed Professor in Louisiana Studies, Dept. of History, Geography, and Philosophy, UL Lafayette

Lifetime CLS Fellows:

  • Dr. Mathé Allain
  • Dr. Barry Ancelet
  • Dr. Vaughan Baker
  • Dr. David Barry
  • Dr. Carl Brasseaux
  • Dr. Marcia Gauet

If you would like to contact any of the Lifetime CLS Fellows, email us at