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UL Press

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The UL Press began publishing in the late 1960s, before the formal establishment of the Center for Louisiana Studies. To date, the UL Press has produced over 300 titles in its 40+ years. To explore UL Press's catalog of new releases and in-stock titles, visit this link. 

UL Press History

Under the imprint "USL History Series," a consortium of young professors from various departments within the College of Liberal Arts edited, prepared, and published on different aspects of Louisiana's political and cultural history. Once the Center for Louisiana Studies formed in 1973, the titles were consolidated under its purview and expanded to include publications drawn from research in the Center's Colonial Records Project, proceedings from historical associations and conferences, and works translated by Center staff.

The publications of the 1980s expanded the Center's research scope to include early colonial Louisiana history and settlement patterns, literary commentary, folklore, and a new series, the Louisiana Life Series. The 1990s gave rise to the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisiana History, a 19-volume collection of scholarship on the state's history, as well as French and bilingual publications. In the early 21st century, it began drawing on a more diverse pool of authors and researchers, and in 2009 its imprint was changed to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press.

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The UL Press is self-sustaining and does not receive subsidies or public funding to cover production and publication expenses.

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