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John Broven Collection - Audio - Details

John Broven Collection - Audio - Details

This collection is comprised of taped interviews of Swamp Pop musicians conducted by British author and music researcher John Broven. Included here are interviews with Johnnie Allan, Bobby Charles, J.D. Miller, Art Neville, Dr. John, and others.

(L-R) Pat Savant, John Broven, Orsy Vanicor, Joe Turner, circa 1984. Photo courtesy of John Broven (I-AL-S-077)

Collection samples:

Bobby Charles conversation
Recorded October 15, 1987
Accession number: BR2-007-1

"Guitar Gable" Gabriel Perrodin conversation
Recorded October 1, 1980
Accession number: BR2-014

Leroy "Happy Fats" LeBlanc conversation discusses Rayne-Bo Ramblers, Leo Soileau, and Harry Choates
Recorded May 1, 1979
Accession number: BR2-006-2

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