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The Houma Project Collection

French sociologist/researcher Frederic Allamel and field recordist/composer Earl Robicheaux interview various members of the Houma Tribe in an attempt to document their unique culture, preservation of a French language together with coastal land loss threats. The collection features interviews with Dominique Dardar Sr., Junius Billiot, Pierre and Maryline Naquin, Marie Dean, Kirby Verret, and others.

Terrebonne Parish, 2011, Photo courtesy of Kristie Cornell

Collection examples:

Drumming and Singing from a Pow Wow on Isle de Jean Charles
Recorded September 24, 2000
Accession number: RO3-007 

Life on Isle de Jean Charles 
Pierre Naquin and  Maryline Naquin
Recorded July 26, 2000
Accession number: RO3-003

Treating on Isle de Jean Charles
Pierre Naquin and  Maryline Naquin
Recorded July 26, 2000
Accession number: RO3-003

Houma Indian History
Kirby Verret
Recorded November 15, 2000
Accession number: RO3-006 

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