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The Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore is the founding block of the Center’s archival collection, and remains the largest in our holdings. Other collections represent both a continuum of folkloric inquiry into Louisiana traditions and livelihoods and a fair representation of recorded media since the 1930s.

We hold copies of Library of Congress’s Louisiana audio and video materials collected by John and Alan Lomax, the 2007 StoryCorps and other Louisiana-related recordings.

Our large student collection covers a vast range of topics in the Acadiana region, conducted by UL students continuously since the 1970s.

Live musical performances, on radio shows, the 30-year-plus Rendez-Vous des Cajuns, and captured on fieldwork expeditions compose a large portion of the audio and video materials.

One of the newest additions to the ACCF is the Pat Rickels Collection, covering both her half-century of fieldwork and her students’ interviews and research into local folklore.

Full calendar of the Research Division audio and video holdings

The Image Archive holds over 7,000 digital images from the public domain, the four-decade long Small Towns Project, donated collections and Hurricane Katrina and Rita footage. For inquiries in the collection, contact Assistant Director for Research John Sharp. As most of the image collection is digital and available for reproduction, please contact Linda Garber for specific image use requests.

We are adding new material to the archive catalogs daily, please peruse the database often for new entries.

The Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore (ACCF) collects, conserves, and makes available to researchers folklore materials that further our mission to preserve regional culture (audio and video material, plus images, much of it based on fieldwork); materials collected as a result of CLS research work (including images, oral histories, and some paper materials); and materials donated specifically to the ACCF at the donor's discretion.