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Center for Louisiana Studies AV Collection Descriptions

AN1 - Barry Jean Ancelet Collection – 272 Reel to Reel Tapes - Collection details
Early fieldwork of American author, folklorist and researcher who taught at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  Tapes include performances and interviews by Dewey Balfa, Varise Connor, Lionel Leleux, Ben Guine, Dennis McGee, Lulu Landry, and many others.

BE2 - Larry Benicewicz Collection - Cassette Tapes - Collection details
Donated in 2006 by American author and journalist Larry Benicewicz, this audio collection explores Louisiana music- on radio broadcasts, live performances, and interviews with musicians and industry professionals, including: Roy Carrier, Guitar Gable, Lazy Lester, Rod Bernard, Floyd Soileau, and many more.

BR1 - Elizabeth Brandon Collection – 27 Reel to Reel Tapes - Collection details
Elizabeth Brandon was a scholar of the French language and Francophone music. This collection is copies of her fieldwork on French ballads and folk tales conducted in Vermilion Parish for her PhD dissertation at Laval University. The collection includes performances by and interviews with Inez Catalon, Joe Falcon, Caesar Vincent, and others.

BR2 - John Broven Collection – 43 Cassette Tapes - Collection details
This collection is comprised of taped interviews of Swamp Pop musicians conducted by British author and music researcher John Broven. Included here are interviews with Johnnie Allan, Bobby Charles, J.D. Miller, Art Neville, Dr. John, and others.

BR7 - Jean-Pierre Bruneau Collection- 32 Film Clips- Collection details
This collection is the outtakes from French filmmaker Bruneau’s 1974 documentary
"Dedans la Sud de la Louisiane"- which was shot around Acadiana during Mardi Gras season of 1972. No audio- video only. Clips include footage featuring Mamou and Church Point Mardi Gras celebrations in 1972, Nathan Abshire, the Balfa Brothers, Clifton Chenier, Ed and Bee Deshotels, and more.

LO1 - John and Alan Lomax Collection – 22 Reel to Reel tapes - Collection details
Copies of discs recorded by American folklorists and authors John and Alan Lomax around Acadiana during a 1934 trip. Provided by the Library of Congress in the American Folklife Center. Tapes include performances by Breaux Brothers Band, Hoffpauir Sisters, Segura Brothers Band, Wayne Perry, Jimmy Peters, and others. 

LO2 - Alan Lomax Collection – 37 DVDs - Collection details
Copies of videotapes recorded by American folklorist, filmmaker, and author Alan Lomax shot around Acadiana around 1982 and 1983. The tapes are the raw materials for Lomax’s 1990 film: “American Patchwork: Cajun Country.”  Copies were provided by the Association for Cultural Equity.  Tapes include performances and interviews of Bois Sec Ardoin, Dewey Balfa, John Delafose, Canray Fontenot, Freeman Fontenot, Dennis McGee, and more.

MA6 - Roger Mason Collection – 7 Reel to Reel Tapes - Collection details
This collection is copies of Louisiana fieldwork conducted by American author, musician, and ethnomusicologist Roger Mason in 1970. Tapes include performances and interviews of Nathan Abshire, Alma Barthélémy, the Balfa Brothers, Walter Mouton, and others.

RO3 - Earl Robicheaux Collection - 8 Reel to Reel Tapes - Collection details
American researcher and radio show host Earl Robicheaux’s tapes recorded for the “Houma Project.” The collection features interviews with Dominique Dardar Sr., Junius Billiot, Pierre and Maryline Naquin, Marie Dean, Kirby Verret, and others.

SA1 - Ben Sandmel Collection – 55 Cassette Tapes - Collection details
American author, researcher, and journalist Ben Sandmel’s interviews with Louisiana musicians and members of the music industry, including Boozoo Chavis, Stanley “Buckwheat” Dural, Hackberry Ramblers, Mark and Ann Savoy, Eddie Shuler, and others.