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Center for Louisiana Studies Collections

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Shirley Abshire Collection - Audio 
Johnnie Allan Collection - Audio, Images, and Video 
Barry Jean Ancelet Collection - Audio, Documents, Images, and Video
Attakapas Historical Society Collection - Audio


Bayou Vermilion District Collection - Audio, Images, and Video
Jack Beard Collection - Audio 
Larry Benicewicz Collection - Audio, Documents, and Images
Pete Bergeron Collection - Audio, Documents, and Images
Shane Bernard Collection - Audio 
Catherine Brookshire Blanchet - Audio, Documents, and Film
Bill Boelens / Festivals Acadiens et Créoles Collection - Audio
Elizabeth Brandon Collection - Audio
Carl Brasseaux Collection - Audio, Documents, and Images
David Brasseaux Collection - Video
Ryan Brasseaux Collection - Audio and Video
John Broven Collection - Audio
Megan Brown Collection - Audio 
Jean-Pierre Bruneau Collection - Film


Cajun and Creole COVID Collection - Audio and Video
Cajun Creole Hour Collection - Audio
Cajun French Music Association Collection - Audio
Bill Campbell Collection - Audio
Carmel Archives Collection- Audio
Joseph Médard Carriere Collection - Audio, Documents, and Images
Center for LA Studies Collection - Audio, Documents, Images, and Video
Erik Charpentier Collection - Audio, Images, and Video
Chez Nous Autres / Acadiana Open Channel Collection - Video
CODOFIL Collection - Video
Georges Comeau Collection – Audio
Laurent Comeau Collection – Audio
Tommy Comeaux Endowed Chair Collection – Video
Connor Family Collection – Audio
Charlotte Cormier Collection – Audio
J.B. Courville Collection - Audio
Keith Cravey and Mark Granger Collection – Audio
Crayton Collection – Audio
Adam Crepelle Collection - Video


Bruce Daigrepont Collection - Audio and Video 
Nathalie Dajko Collection - Audio
Pat Dakin Collection - Audio 
Donald W. Davis Collection - Audio 
Ryan Dejean Collection - Audio
P.F. Dur / Le Semaine en Francais Collection - Audio 


Kathleen Espinoza Student Collection - Audio 


Randy Falcon Collection - Audio and Video 
Festivals Acadiens et Créoles Collection - Audio 
Festivals Acadiens et Créoles Virtual 2020 Collection - Video
Christy Fontenot Collection - Audio 
Karl Fontenot Collection - Video 
Jason Foster Collection - Audio 
Zach Fuselier Collection - Audio 


Grand Coteau Voices Collection - Video 
Luc Guglielmi  Collection - Video 
Guilbeau Center for Public History Collection - Audio 
Kristi Guillory Collection - Audio and Video 
Greg Guirard Collection - Audio, Images, and Video 


Michelle Harvey Collection - Audio 
David Haug Collection - Audio 
Otis Hebert Collection - Audio 
John Henderson Collection - Video 
Hilliard Museum / Louis Bernard Collection - Images
The Houma Project Collection - Audio
Shuyler Hukins Collection - Video 


Iberia African American Historical Society - Audio, Images, and Video


David Johnson Collection - Audio
Catherine Joliecoeur Collection - Audio


Ethyl Kibodeaux Collection - Audio 
Eumaie Kidder Collection - Audio 
John Korbell Collection - Video 
KRVS Collection - Audio


Ewell LaBry Collection - Audio
Richard “Dickie” Landry Collection - Audio 
John Lancon Collection - Audio 
Marce Lacouture Collection - Audio 
Beverly Latimer Collection - Audio and Documents
Liberty Theatre / Rendez-vous des Cajuns Collection - Video
Alan Lomax Collection - Video
John and Alan Lomax Collection - Audio
Louisiana Alive Collection - Video
Louisiana Folklife Fest Collection - Audio
Louisiana Folkroots Collection - Video
Lyons Collection - Audio 


Mamou / Jungle Records Collection - Audio, Documents, Images, and Video
Silvie Marchand Collection - Audio
Robert J. Martin, Jr. Collection - Maps and Images
Roger Mason Collection – Audio and Documents
Rich MaGill Collection - Audio
Larry Miller Collection - Audio 


New Iberia Oral Histories Collection - Audio 
No Gains Without Pains Collection - Audio, Documents, Images, and Video


Donna McGee Onebane Collection - Audio, Documents, and Images 
Harry Oster Collection - Audio 
Owens Collection - Audio 


Frank Perez Collection - Documents
Warren Perrin Collection - Video 
Tim Phillips / Louisiana Civilian Conservation Corps Collection – Documents, Images, and Video 
Michael Picone Collection - Audio 
Dale Pierrottie Collection - Video 
Glen Pitre Collection - Audio and Video 
Corey Porche Collection - Audio 
Projet Louisiane Collection - Audio 
Harry Prochan Collection - Audio 
Helena Putnam Collection - Audio 


Frank Randol Collection - Video 
Bobby Readore Collection - Video
Revon Reed Collection - Audio
Jimmie Reed Collection - Audio 
Darrell Richard Collection - Audio 
Zachary Richard Collection – Audio and Video 
Patricia Kennedy Rickels Collection - Audio, Documents, Images, and Video
Judy Riffel Collection - Audio 
Ralph Rinzler Collection - Audio 
Mona Ristore Collection - Video 
Earl Robicheaux Collection - Audio 


Ben Sandmel Collection - Audio
Corrine Saucier Collection - Audio 
Tyler Savoy Collection - Audio 
Suzanne Schexneyder Collection - Audio 
Tracy Schwartz Collection - Audio 
Seagrant Collection - Audio 
Gabriel Senette Collection - Audio 
Senior Service America Collection - Audio
John Sharp Collection - Audio, Images, and Video
Susan Silver Collection - Audio 
Bryce Sibley Collection - Audio and Video 
David Simpson Collection - Images 
South to Louisiana Collection - Audio 
Louis Spell / Nathasha Istre Collection - Audio


Julia Temple Collection - Audio 
J.P. Theriot Collection - Audio
Jason Theriot Collection - Audio 
Rosemary Thomas Collection - Audio
Michael Tisserand Collection - Audio
Caroline Turner Collection - Audio


University of Louisiana at Lafayette Collection – Audio and Video 


Janet Wilson Collection - Audio 
Wiskes Collection - Audio